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This page is dedicated to showing work that is part of current projects, exhibitions, crazy ideas, and heartwarming commissions. I enjoy collaborating with new and exciting people and these are examples of some of the fun and interesting jewelry that results.

'FS.2014."Silverfish".Coral,Turqouise,Sterling Silver'


As an artist/creator can you imagine going three months without being able to work? Being stuck in this foreign land where all your tools are thousands of miles away? That's where I was 9 months ago. Don't get me wrong, living in a foreign country was amazing and I will never get an experience like that in my life again, but if I could do it again.... I would pack a lot more hammers and pliers. The seen above bracelet was part of River Gallery's exhibition, 'Miniatures: Jewelry and Diminutive Objects.' This bracelet and the rest of the collection that is still residing with them was this explosion of hunger to push myself to work more with interesting stonesetting techniques. I highly recommend seeing their gallery as it is an absolutely amazing place full of exemplary artists. The owner , Ara Hamamjian, and manager , Mark Yasenchack, did an excellent job selecting and displaying the work and I personally look forward to seeing more of their exhibitions. 

Check em' out! 

"You don't choose your family. They are God's gift to you, as you are to them." -Desmond Tutu


Fresh off the bench this sterling silver bangle was made for a friend's sister for Christmas. The initials A and E commemorates their late grandmothers, pierced from sterling silver sheet with a wire wrapped black pearl. What I really enjoy about commission pieces is understanding and talking with the individual to understand what they are looking for. Erica described her sister as someone who wears jewelry, but nothing overwhelming. Something meaningful, but within a certain budget. So we came up with simple attractive initials hand cut on sterling silver sheet within their own beautiful frame. After completing this piece, I enjoyed the framing shapes so much I may just create a set of rings as well.....stay tuned to find out whats next on my bench!